Vacuum Fittings With Kolfer Mira And Vacucom:

Here at Vacucom we offer an extensive range of vacuum fittings for a broad range of machinery. Our vacuum fittings are compatible with both with both pipeline and hose fittings, and are of the highest quality. We have been operating for almost two decades. In that time we have gained a vast mass of expertise and have established a sterling reputation for providing impeccable vacuum fittings and components – this level of quality and excellence emblemises the values that Vacucom stands for.

Working with Kolfer Mira – Vacuum Fittings from Vacucom:

Vacuum Fittings - I am the machine.

One of our proudest specialities is in providing bespoke solutions for industry implementation. We recently worked with Kolfer Mira to supply them with a full turnkey system; installing a Jib crane with Demag ergo hoist and Coval vacuum fitting. Our use of both SAS framing systems and a quick-change unit allows for minimum downtime between changing heads. We take great pride in the high standards of our work. Our range of vacuum fittings, vacuum cups, and Coval vacuum products are all of the highest quality. Why not check out some of our most recent projects, or get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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